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Crystalline Mirror Solutions manufactures low-noise reflective optics using a proprietary coating technology.

Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS) crystalline coatings are an entirely new paradigm in optical coating technology impacting cavity end mirrors for state-of-the-art ultrastable lasers, cavity-ringdown systems, and ring-laser gyroscopes. Moreover, exploiting the high thermal conductivity and active electro-optic properties of the materials CMS employ, crystalline coatings promise to have a tremendous impact in ultra- fast and high-power laser systems.

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xtal stable – Low Brownian Noise Near-IR Pasive Reflectors

xtal mir – Low Optical Loss Mid-IR Passive Reflectors

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xtal therm – Active & Passive Reflectors for Ultrafast and High Power Lasers

xtal custom – Customized Direct-Bonding Service