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Optics Production Machines, Coating Chambers & Metrology

High Precision Large Optics

IR Detector Test & Analysis Systems

EO, IR, SAR and GPS Sensor Modeling & Simulation Software

Video Processing H/W and S/W

Sapphire High Precision Optics

Optical & Laser Crystals; IR Optical Components


Mini Instrument Modules for RF Signal Engineering

MTF Optical Testing Stations

Fiber Laser Systems

Infrared Optical Assemblies, Components and Optical Design

  • Rugged GRIP PCs & DVRs, Vision4ce Ltd

  • Dynamic Infrared Projection System MIRAGE – SBIR

  • Multifunctional Stitching Interferometer – OptoTech

  • World’s largest IR Space Telescope

  • Mini-Modular Instruments – Pulse Research Lab

  • Mini-Modular Instruments – Pulse Research Lab

  • Infrared Detector Testing & Characterisation System – Pulse Instruments Inc

  • Precision Polishing Machine – OptoTech

  • Hardware in the Loop Missile Testing Facility – SBIR

  • One-Piece Sapphire Dome – SICC Silian Precision Optics

  • Sapphire Hyperhemispheric Dome – SICC Silian Precision Optics

  • Optical MTF Testing System