IR Optical Assemblies

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“Success infrared” Design, Develop and Produce a full range of quality cost effective advanced infrared optical lens assemblies and precision infrared optical components for the world’s finest research institutes, and civil products companies. Success Infrared is based in Shanghai and Wuhan, China.

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Infrared Lens Assemblies

Success Lens AssemblySuccess Infrared manufactures integrated lens assemblies designed to achieve strict optical performance. Success Infrared optical design team possesses wide knowledge in designing lenses for MWIR and LWIR, Cooled and Uncooled thermal imager.

  • Fixed (Adjustable) Focus
  • Manual Focus
  • Motorized Focus (2-FOV, 3-FOV, 6-FOV)
  • Manual Zoom
  • Motorized Continuous Zoom

IR Optical Components

IR Optical Components

Success Infrared is capable of producing large quantities of optics quickly and cost-effectively. All manufacturing is done in-house utilizing automated CNC and patented diamond turning technologies with opto-mechanical design, coating, and extensive metrology capabilities.

SLarge Germanium Lensuccess Infrared will build to print or design and manufacture optics of the following materials:


Chalcogenide Glass
(Amtir, BD, GASIR and IG),

Zinc Selenide – ZnSe,

Silicon – Si,

Zinc Sulfide – ZnS Cleartran & FLIR,


Calcium Flouride – CaF2,

Barium Flouride – BaF2.

Optical Design & Development

Success Infrared employ experienced optical engineers and designers, skilled craftsmanship to deliver high quality products to customers. Products include thermal imaging lens assemblies in Mid-wave IR (MWIR), Long-wave IR (LWIR) and Dual-band IR, from complex collimators to optical components and assemblies.