Precision Optics

Equipment For Optical Production

Grinding Machines- OptoTech

Polishing Machines- OptoTech

Fine Correction Machines- OptoTech

Centering Machines- OptoTech

Cementing Centers- OptoTech

Cutting Machines- OptoTech

High Vacuum Coating Systems- OptoTech

Spectrophotometers- OptoTech

Workshop Interferometers- OptoTech

Stitching Interferometers- OptoTech

MTF Test Benches for Visible Optical Assemblies- Image Science

MTF Test Benches for Infra-Red Optical Assemblies- Image Science

MTF Test Benches for SWIR Optical Assemblies- Image Science

3D Measuring Machines- OptoTech

Autocollimators- OptoTech

Blocking Units- OptoTech

Coolants and centering Oil- OptoTech

Polishing Consumables- OptoTech

Cementing and Adhesives- OptoTech

Diamond pellets/-Tools- OptoTech

Working Equipment- OptoTech

Membranes- OptoTech

Optical Materials

Zinc Selenide – ZnSe- Crystal Techno

Sapphire – Al2O3- Crystal Techno

Sapphire РAl2O3-  SICC

Thallium Bromide-Iodide- KRS-5- Crystal Techno

Zinc Sulphide – ZnS- Crystal Techno

Calcium Fluoride – CaF2- Crystal Techno

Barium Fluoride – BaF2- Crystal Techno

Laser Materials

Magnesium Fluoride – MgF2- Crystal Techno

Synthetic Calcite (CaCO3 )-Crystal Techno

Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG)- Crystal Techno

Yttrium Aluminium Perovskite Doped with Cerium (YAP:Ce)- Crystal Techno

Erbium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG:Er)- Crystal Techno

Holmium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG:Ho)- Crystal Techno

Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals (YAG:Nd)- Crystal Technolaser crystals

Yttrium Aluminium Perovskite Doped with Neodymium (YAP:Nd)- Crystal Techno

Al2O3 Doped with Cr (Ruby (Al2O3:Cr3+))- Crystal Techno

Ti:Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+)- Crystal Techno

Precision Optical Elements

Infrared Components – Windows – Success Infrared

Infrared Components – Spherical – Success Infrared

Infrared Components – Aspheric – Success Infrared

Infrared Components – Diffractive – Success Infrared

Coated IR Optics – Success Infrared

Infrared Optical Design – Components – Success Infrared

Infrared Optical Design – Lens Assemblies – Success Infrared

Off Axis Parabolas- Optical Surfaces

Conic Sections- Optical Surfaces

Aspheric Lenses- Optical Surfaces

Toroids- Optical Surfaces

Flats & Windows- Optical Surfaces

Etalons- Optical Surfaces

Spherical Mirrors- Optical Surfaces

Lenses- Crystal Techno

Prisms, Beam Splitters, Filters Fibers- Crystal Techno

Blanks- Crystal Techno

Plane parallel windows- Crystal Techno

Wedged windows- Crystal Techno

Lightguides- Crystal Techno

Domes – Spherical- Crystal Techno

Domes – Hyperspherical- Crystal Techno

Sapphire Domes- Cystal TechnoCrystaltechno_Sapphire_Hyper_Hemisphere_dia_200mm_height_140m_1

ATR Prisms- Crystal Techno

ATR Hemispheres- Crystal Techno

Plano-convex lenses-Crystal Techno

Biconvex lenses- Crystal Techno

Biconcave lenses- Crystal Techno

Meniscus lenses- Crystal Techno

Cylindrical lenses- Crystal Techno

Microlenses- Crystal Techno

Right angle prisms (RAP)- Crystal Techno

Dispersion prisms- Crystal Techno

Corner cube retroreflectors- Crystal Techno

Pentaprisms- Crystal Techno

Dove prisms- Crystal Techno

Aspherical optics- Crystal Techno

Power CO2 laser meniscus- Crystal Techno

CO2 Laser Mirrors- Crystal Techno

Output CO2 Laser Mirrors- Crystal Techno

Laser Rods- Crystal Techno

Sets of optical filters from color glass- Crystal Techno

Supermirrors – Crystalline Mirror Solutions

Optical Assemblies & Systems15682A2

Reflective Collimators- Optical Surfaces

Reflective Collimators- SBIR

Laser Beam Expanders- Optical Surfaces

Mounts and Mounted Mirrors- Optical Surfaces

Custom Systems and Optics- Optical Surfaces

Infrared Lens Assemblies – MWIR – Success Infrared

Infrared Len Assemblies – LWIR – Success Infrared