Dr Garrett Cole, Technical Director of Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS), will be available in Israel the week of 19th February, 2017, to give a technical seminar at your company, university or research group.

Dr Cole is the co-founder of CMS, who have has developed an entirely new “Crystalline Supermirror” technology, which addresses the technical limitations of excess thermal noise in sputtered coatings.

Due to the unique properties of CMS semiconductor coating material, these Crystalline Supermirrors provide a 10×-100× reduction in mechanical dissipation, and so corresponding reductions in Brownian noise, when compared with typical ion-beam sputtered films.

This unique mirror technology exhibits additional advantages such as very low optical losses in the mid-infrared and high thermal conductivity, more than 50x greater than competing dielectric mirror technologies.

Applications include: cavity end mirrors for state-of-the-art ultrastable lasers, cavity-ringdown systems, and ring-laser gyroscopes. Exploiting the high thermal conductivity and active electro-optic properties of the materials CMS employ, crystalline coatings have a tremendous impact in ultra-fast and high-power laser systems.

CMS will be presenting a paper at the OASIS6 Conference, Tel Aviv, and exhibiting on the Scitronix stand at the exhibition.

If you would like to host a Technical Seminar by Dr Garrett Cole, or book a meeting, during the week of 19th February, please immediately contact Scitronix, CMS’ local representatives: david@scitronix.co.il or call 02-9997026.